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The first of its kind contract to invoice platform for professional services - facilitating a trustful collaboration between buyers and providers

Buyers of professional services want to get great results at a fair price. Providers want to be compensated for their work, so they can run a business. Nobody ever wanted to spend their time generating, checking, explaining, or debating invoices, monitoring budgets, or updating projections.

  • Use for contracts of any kind with any terms – including outcome-based agreements

  • Onboard yourself and your business partners quickly and easily

  • Efficiently use the platform for a single partnership or as a strategic solution for your entire professional service portfolio

  • Use as a standalone solution or as a fully integrated add-on to your existing systems

Why trueLedger?

By industry experts for industry experts

Designed to tackle the biggest pain points in the day-2-day management of professional service relationships - by founders who have worked on both sides.

Built around your needs

Supporting all important steps during the lifecycle of an engagement, covering all contract types known to the industry with an open architecture - ready to integrate with your existing systems.

Try it out easily

Very quick setup:  No upfront cost, minimal configuration effort; can be tried and tested easily.

Whether you are a buyer inviting your providers or the other way around, onboarding to the platform is quick and easy for everybody.

For buyers of professional services

20% savings without reducing scope

Save big on your external expenditure by eliminating waste, leakage, and administrative overhead.

Secure engagement success by incorporating outcome-based components in your commercial terms.


Know what’s going on in real time and instantly access the details of your engagements.

Detect unwanted developments early and avoid unnecessary cost.


Eliminate manual invoice checks, budget updates, spend analysis, forecasts, projections, and other admin burden. Free up time to focus on what matters.

Making everybody's life easier

No matter if you are in procurement, Finance, controlling, or day to day management of externals – trueLedger provides an exciting experience for everyone.

Comparison of offers & contracts

Visually compare and evaluate multiple offers or different versions of a proposal.


You always stay in control of your engagements. You receive a full understanding of all costs at hand to build the trust that you would like to establish.

Tool-enabled governance

Let the system automatically enforce your corporate governance and avoid audit issues.

Electronic signature & termination

Simply create and sign a contract electronically. Change, terminate, cancel, update, or extend it if needed. All with a few clicks.

No matter where you stand in the evolution of your procurement and external workforce management capabilities, trueLedger will positively impact the outcome and value of your engagements and help reduce cost along the way!

For providers of professional services

More business

Win more business by offering transparency and control to your clients.

 They can instantly follow the progression of your work. Current status, progress made, and upcoming invoice amounts will never be a surprise.

Tailoring of offers & contracts

Add a new experience to your offers. Your customers will appreciate the flexibility of your services which are tailored to their needs, while you manage your own risk and profitability

Predictability of revenues and profits

Get precise forecasts of your revenues, cash flow, and profitability – updated daily. Understand invoice amounts well before they are generated.

Automated invoice generation

Never again create an invoice manually! Eliminate 100% of errors which either cost you money or the trust of your clients.

Significant efficiency gains

Forget about ad-hoc reports, budget checks, revenue forecasts and any other cumbersome admin task.

Getting paid faster

trueLedger invoices are guaranteed to always be correct – no checks needed anymore. Your clients can skip lengthy invoice approval processes and pay you right away!

Improve your day-to-day collaboration, save a lot of time, and take your client relationships to a new level - winning more business with trust and transparency!

The future of professional service management is here

Impactful, collaborative, error-free

Contract creation & simulation

On-time delivery reporting

Automated invoicing

Real-time projections & analytics

Innovative, collaborative, and easy to use

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