Our story

During our careers at large and mid-sized insurance companies we extensively worked with professional service providers. Despite all the efforts to control cash-out, manage progress and budgets, review and approve myriads of invoices we never felt there was sufficient transparency and trust in the relationships with our suppliers.  Jan, who also worked in consulting, saw that professional service providers face the exact same challenge.

Applying Computed Contracting - an expertise we know from the insurance industry - could be the key to resolving this pain point.

After a few interviews with very excited buyers and providers of professional services, trueLedger was born with only one single purpose: Build a platform exactly as automated, simple and convenient as we would like to have it for ourselves!

Our vision

Conducting business with transparency, trust, efficiency, and convenience

Our mission

Build solutions for buyers and providers of professional services to TRUE-ly reshape their collaboration.

Meet our team

Destined to make professional service management convenient, simple and easy

Our clients and partners

A big thanks to our clients and partners above for the consent to share their names.

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