04 Jun. 2021

A new Fintech providing a deal platform to buyers and providers of professional services

trueLedger, an innovative startup providing a deal platform to buyers and providers of professional services based on computed contracting technology has been founded today by experienced C-suite industry professionals.

«We will empower clients and providers of Professional Services such as consulting, legal, IT-development or business process outsourcing to take their relationships to a whole new level!» says Jan Ellerbrock, co-founder & CEO.  «Our clients will not only automate loads of admin and governance work, they will have full transparency, trust and financial predictability over their relationships and can focus their energy on creating value.  Everybody in the organization will feel a big difference, as our solution covers the needs of procurement, operational engagemeng managers, and financial controllers. Vendors establish transparency and trust with their clients while managing their profitability better, forecasting revenues more precisely, and significantly reducing their time to cash.»

Axel Brohm, co-founder and CPO adds:  «It's exciting to apply our decade-long experience in Computed Contracting from the insurance industry to professional services.  This allows us to build our solution quickly and effectively together with our pilot customers.»  According to Heiri Angele, co-founder and CTO, the platform will launch in Q4 of 2021.

c/o Fidinter Treuhand AG

Müllerstrasse 5

8004 Zürich


Swiss Fintech / Procuretech company